Monday, June 4, 2012

Red and Black Week Day 2: Wigs and Bathing Suits

The time has finally come for one of my favorite weeks of the year! Not only is it my birthday week it is also Sophistique Noir's red and black week. I of course didn't make the cutoff point of day one so this will have to be for day two.... oh well

My first post will be shorter than I had planned however. I knew I would be going to the pool with some friends for a pre B-day bash and since my new bathing suit is red and my normal cover up is a big black scarf I planned to use the pictures taken at said bash. That is of course until the moment I realized that in the rush to get out of the house I had forgotten my memory card and only had the two pictures I had taken before I left :-<.

Yes no face because for some reason this angle was the only way I could get both the the suit and the cover-up in the picture while taking it myself. (It also just might be because I was rushed and too pressed for time to figure out a better way)

In a last minute trawl through my pictures I found only one other picture I could use today.  Its of me wearing my recently acquired black wig with a lovely red and black feather flower. The quality isn't great but that is due to the fact that it is a cellphone pic taken on the bus on the way home from my final exam of the semester. 

I also had one other picture that would've qualified but it seems to have disappeared; it was a picture taken from behind while I was wearing the wig and the tips of my real red hair were poking out and it looked like I had black hair with red tips.

Hopefully my entry tomorrow will be much much better.

Much Love and Spookiness


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