Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red and Black Week Day 3 : Birthday Wish List

My birthday is tomorrow (yay me?) and I've decided to scroll through my favorites on Etsy and Ebay to select some things that fit the red and black theme for today's post, so without further ado.... oh and keep in mind that these are just wishful thinking on my part not actual attainable goals

I will go with dresses first:

This is the Fireside Flannel Dress, its warm and gorgeous and so simple to style!

This is the Kreepsville 666 Red Skeleton Bones Tunic Dress much Gothier and equally easy to style in many more ways

Next I have tops:

This is the Frances Blouse and it is gorgeous, I especially love the flounce on the bottom

Every Goth girl needs a corset and I've had my eye on this one for  a while now it is a Brocade Longline Corset

Finally I have accessories:

This wonderful little creation is called the Tsumami Kanzashi Brooch  but you can have it set as a hair flower as well,
 I love the origami feel it has to it.

Last but not least are these Soundwave Platform Wedges that I originally saw on Facebook. I would rock these on a daily basis but even more so at a show.

Well there you go that is my red and black week birthday wish list

Much Love & Spookiness


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