Thursday, June 7, 2012

Red & Black Week Day 5: Birthday Dinner and Aplique Bats

Yes I Am officially 23 so yay me? I've been inconsistent in my posting for this event but honestly because of my recent weight gain most of my red clothes don't fit so I was caught unprepared this year. Maybe next year I will do better?

I wanted to have at least one good outfit post for the week however so last night I rushed to complete a sewing project I had left on the back burner a long time ago. It was originally going to be a T-shirt dress but ended up looking better as a tunic length shirt and I'm OK with that. The little bats were a last minute addition that I absolutely adore; I decided I wanted to go for a DIY feel and refrained from being my usual perfectionist self and use contrasting thread and uneven quick stitches to get them on and the result is something I'm quite happy with.

The full body pictures aren't the greatest or most flattering to be sure because once gain I planned on having more pictures taken at the event and it never happened. We were more interested in talking and enjoying dinner than taking pictures, so I'm sorry for the bad pics. My brother and I have our birthday's three days apart so we decided to have the dinner on one of the in between days.

My brother isn't the greatest of photographers :(

another faceless picture once again! 
(my dogs decided to wreak havoc on my room, must fix that)

Yes this picture is super blurry but I love how the bats look like they are moving heheh

Hope you had a good red & black week, don't think I will be posting anything for the finale but I cant wait to see what amazing things are posted tomorrow!

Much love and spookiness


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