Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Second: Mitch


 I’m not very good with time keeping (dreadful actually) so I cannot accurately tell you how long it was between my first and second relationship but my estimate is around 6 – 7 months.  I still remember clearly the day I met Mitch and the day he asked me out as well as a handful of other good memories.   

In theory he was my dream boy, I tend to be attracted tall white skinny nerdy boys with long hair being a plus. Every girl has her dream proposal (as in having a guy ask them out) and mine was a cute nerdy boy hesitating and just being plain adorable and he fit that to a tee. Naturally I was head over feet for the short time we were together. Now sex is not a topic I plan to talk about much on this blog but I will mention that the chemistry between us was potent to say the least and we were the couple you felt embarrassed about seeing in public, I’m embarrassed about it now but at the time I simply did not care. 

He realized way before I did that other than this one connection we were wildly incompatible and broke it off aided by (I suspect) pressure from his friends. I say suspect because I never really got a straight answer or reason and have since come up with the best explanation I can fathom. 

As far as impact on my life goes, he was able to awake a sexuality in me that I didn't know existed (I had slept with Enrique but it was nothing compared to the chemistry between Mitch and I) and proved to me that there are boys out there like the one in my head. It was the time in my life when I for the first time in my life found people like me with the same interests and likes who didn't view me as some weirdo who didn't belong. 

He is now a “socialist” (as he calls himself) college dropout hipster type who lives in a commune and who is basically a follower to the more dominant personalities in his group of friends. Yeah totally not my scene.

I was 19 and he 18 here. Also from my tagged pictures on Facebook. Theres a few of these but this is my favorite, he is wearing my sunglasses and his actual glasses over them and I apparently found it hilarious

Until Next Time

PS Just realized he was also the first person I met that was as white as I who wasn't family

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