Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Red and Black Week: I actually get to participate this year!

I'm studying abroad in Barcelona this summer for a month and so I didn't think I would be participating in this awesome event (the reason for which my blog exists lol) because I hadn't packed much red and black. I was very happy to discover after seeing my reflection in the metro door this morning that that's exactly what I'm wearing heheheh this outfit is so commonly worn because its super comfortable and looks awesome that I didn't even process its colors XD

Unfortunately there really isn't any suitable place to place my camera on to take full body shots and so i had to resort to the mirror (hey look my camera matches too!)

I fooled around a bit trying to get more pictures and failed miserably until this last "OK I will attempt one more and that's it.... omg this is awesome!" moment. I love how this one turn out and literally all I did to both of them was color correction and color balance no makeup touch ups or typical photoshopping things

Yes my hair is dark red (and no Ms. Kitty says that's not cheating). The pants I bought at Costco believe it or not and it was my first foray into colored pants. I took a chance and now they're a wardrobe staple, I actually want to get some dark purple and green ones now too. The boots are my years old, resewn, resoled, rezippered and much loved harleys that I will wear until they fall apart. The sweater was boght for a discount this last winter at Kmart while I was working there. The (barely visible gray) shirt was a Christmas present from my sister and both my necklaces are presents as well; the choker is a half heart best friend mood locket from my you guessed it best friend and the long one is a videogame reference given to me by my wonderful boyfriend a week before I left for Barcelona. 

I really love the huge anime eyes in the picture totally not on purpose but awesome nonetheless.

Well I'm off to see what other things I can maybe dig up for red and black week


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